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My keynotes are designed to bring an inspiring message that optimism can be found by facing adversity and building resiliency in our personal lives, workplace communities, and organizations.  I uses personal stories and deep understanding of the research in human learning, organizational development, knowledge transfer and innovation to connect and uplift audiences.

Dr. Allen is engaging, informative, and provides actionable support to those he serves. Whether he is presenting to a group of professionals, students, or academics, he inspires you to take positive steps in your personal growth and the growth of your organization. 

– Amy, New Western

Cultivating Wisdom

Jeff inspires both individuals and organization to move beyond their set limits to seek adversity and gain resilience while fostering wisdom.

Optimism in the
Face of Adversity

Organization must provide a positive optimism vision for their organization. Adversity is not not time to worry, it’s a time to learn for the future!

Learning Innovation

Move beyond thinking about technology and move to innovation. Innovation is a catalyst for optimistic change in our organizations.

Human Intelligence
and AI

Explore what we, humans, believe is the best option of the future. Artificial intelligence, in its many forms, will shape our future but what is our role in this shaping?

Building Resiliency

Resilience is KEY to surviving a turbulent environment. Growth is a natural outcome of resilience, but must be trained, learned and developed in both individuals and organizations.

Workforce of the Future

A global knowledge workforce changes the requirements of workers and the needs of the organization. Shaping the role of this next wave of workers is critical to our competitive market advantage.

I wholeheartedly and unequivocally believe that he possesses a unique yet comprehensive skillset that can truly help transform organizations and equip the talent within those organizations to be successful.  I’m a true fan of his work and his expertise!

– La Tonya, Cornell University

Dr. Allen is an excellent educator, speaker, and motivator. I have had the pleasure of seeing him present multiple times to large groups in a conference setting. His ability to engage the audience and convey his message was enjoyable and informative. I learned quite a few things!

– Tracy Jones, Veeva Systems

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