Workshops are custom designed to help attendees dive deeper into work that shifts
their path and moves them towards a life of unending possibilities.

Building a Workplace Community

The two-hour workplace community workshop is a fantastic venue to grow from where you live. Inspiration is created by taking innovative steps toward goals.

A breakout session includes an interactive conversation on building workplace community and guides participants in developing belonging, shared vision, and generational knowledge sharing with the purpose of growing stronger and more resilient.

Designing for Learning Innovation

This half day Learning innovation workshop guides chief learning officers, HRD managers and training specialists with a strong basis in knowledge discovery, capture, and sharing. We then explore structures and frameworks for building both individual and organizational learning through training and development.

This is an advanced workshop that covers learning theory, talent development, organizational learning, knowledge transfer, systems theory, and sense-making.

Leveraging Sense-making for Organizational Performance

The two-hour Sense-making workshop is a catalyst for shifting focus from a system-centered to user-centered phenomena perspective. Sense-making shifts away from sender and receiver to constructions that are entangled with time, places, and perspectives.

Sense-making assumes humans live in an ever-changing reality that is full of information gaps. Sense-making is the perpetual process of building bridges across information gaps.

Bridges are built (i.e., sense is made) through creating, seeking, using, and rejecting information and knowledge.

Sense-making aims to design practices and frameworks that are meaningful and contextual, rather than continued reliance on frameworks created by experts and imposed on users. This design comes from agents utilizing sense-making methods as they navigate their environment while balancing between structure and agency to develop relevant frameworks for their time and space.

He is an intellectually thirsty force of nature, dedicated to learning, spreading and fostering wisdom and education not just for his college students but for everyone around him. He was and is forever on the hunt for, or inventing, the next best step toward progress and improvement for all.

– Hock Hockheim, Lauric Enterprises

For over 25 years, Dr. Allen has been a source of wisdom and clarity for career goals and pathways on my scholarly journey.   He was the first to provide a stepping stone and direction to help me branch into a new career pathway that would lead to not only financial freedom but also personal fulfillment and family engagement.  He is a trusted ally for workplace decisions and an expert in building knowledge. The takeaways from him are explicit, actionable, creative, and life changing.

Jennifer Smolka, Lakeside Learning, LLC

Dr. Allen has an unequivocal ability to cut through noise and obfuscation to offer clear and tangible insight. As a person, he is unfailingly thoughtful and kind. As an expert, he is one of those rare breeds who not only knows his content robustly, but who can teach it in a way that is consumable for the audience with which he is speaking. He is a champion for others, and provides transparent and honest feedback, all so that others can grow. We call him a Sage because of his vast intellect; we call him The Shepherd because of his ability to mentor others. He is one of a kind, and immensely valuable to all.

– Mandolin Mull, MullMentum Consulting, LLC

I have witnessed Dr. Allen be both an inspirational leader and devoted scholar. His dedication to his research sets him apart. His commitment to continual learning and self betterment have made him an asset to all he encounters. In addition to his considerable intellect and exemplary self-standards, is a warm humble man. He dedicates himself to engaging with all those he teaches. He is prepared for all types of scenarios and can relate to anyone due to his vast life experiences. Dr. Allen is utilizes his wisdom for the betterment of all of his endeavors.

William Ratcliffe, International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers

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