I have known Prof. Jeff Allen through his work over the past 10 years and in a personal capacity over the last 5 year. He is distinguished researcher and expert in the field of wisdom in the workplace, having conducted research in this area for the past decade. He is extremely knowledgeable and possesses an ability to convey ideas and insights in a powerful yet accessible manner. Jeff works at the cutting edge of human resource development, looking at how to foster organisation innovation through harnessing the wisdom of individuals and groups. I am very happy to recommend Jeff as a speaker and consultant and I am confident that individuals and organisations will benefit greatly from his expertise and experience.

Prof. David McGuire, Edinburgh Napier University

Dr. Jeff Allen has the distinction of being one of those people who are not only subject matter experts but can deliver material engaging and creatively. Jeff is personable, funny, smart, and interesting while holding your attention with his knowledge using specific and applied instances. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Jeff Allen as a keynote speaker or consultant.

– Dr Pam Morgan, Midwestern University

Dr. Allen is an excellent educator, speaker, and motivator. I have had the pleasure of seeing him present multiple times to large groups in a conference setting. His ability to engage the audience and convey his message was enjoyable and informative. I learned quite a few things!

– Tracy Jones, Veeva Systems

For over 25 years, Dr. Allen has been a source of wisdom and clarity for career goals and pathways on my scholarly journey. He was the first to provide a stepping stone and direction to help me branch into a new career pathway that would lead to not only financial freedom but also personal fulfillment and family engagement. He is a trusted ally for workplace decisions and an expert in building knowledge. The takeaways from him are explicit, actionable, creative, and life changing.

– Dr. Jennifer Smolka, Lakeside Learning, LLC

I have known Dr. Allen for almost 30 years. He is an intellectually thirsty force of nature, dedicated to learning, spreading and fostering wisdom and education not just for his college students but for everyone around him. He was and is forever on the hunt for, or inventing, the next best step toward progress and improvement for all.
– W. Hock Hochheim, Lauric Enterprises

Jeff is an engaging presenter and provides insights that can be immediately applied.

– Claretha Hughes, University of Arkansas

Dr. Allen is engaging, informative, and provides actionable support to those he serves. Whether he is presenting to a group of professionals, students, or academics, he inspires you to take positive steps in your personal growth and the growth of your organization.

– Amy Rosellini, New Western

Dr. Jeff Allen has an unequivocal ability to cut through noise and obfuscation to offer clear and tangible insight. As a person, he is unfailingly thoughtful and kind. As an expert, he is one of those rare breeds who not only knows his content robustly, but who can teach it in a way that is consumable for the audience with which he is speaking. He is a champion for others, and provides transparent and honest feedback, all so that others can grow. We call him a Sage because of his vast intellect; we call him The Shepherd because of his ability to mentor others. He is one of a kind, and immensely valuable to all.

– Mandolen West Mull, MullMentum Consulting, LLC

Dr. Allen is one of the greatest professors I’ve met. He inspired me in several life and academic areas. His knowledge in wisdom is worthy to be listened, learned, and even taught.

– Mohammed Huraysi, Mayborn School of Journalism 

I’ve know Jeff Allen for 8 years. During this time, his dedication to leadership, knowledge and collaboration has been tantamount in his career. Overall, he is a risk taker that views new ideas as an opportunity and not a hindrance.

– Arielle Turner

Dr. Jeff Allen is an inspiring speaker, a creative thinking, an excellent facilitator, who possesses long range insight and wisdom.
– Todd Sherron, I2-K.com

He has a wealth of experience in research, publishing, and teaching and has a knack for sharing his knowledge in engaging ways. He illuminates larger concepts as well as detailed information, communicating clearly and succinctly with different types of audiences. Whether executives, working professionals, or students, Jeff will keep listeners interested and engages. Dr Allen relates very well with his audiences.

– Tara Zimmerman, Texas Woman’s University

Dr. Allen is one of the best teachers / presenters I have seen. His content is well organized and articulate. Jeff’s use of multimedia reminds me of work done by Mayer and Clark’s research with e-learning and instruction. I highly recommend Dr. Allen for speaking engagements, workshops, and consulting.

– Cliff Whitworth

I have been privileged enough to have been mentored by Dr. Allen for the past five years. I have witnessed Dr.Allen be both an inspirational leader and devoted scholar. His dedication to his research sets him apart. His commitment to continual learning and continuous self betterment have made him an asset to all he encounters. In addition to his considerable intellect and exemplary self-standards, is a warm humble man. A man who dedicates himself to engaging with all those he teaches. He is prepared for all types of scenarios and can relate to anyone due to his vast life experiences. He utilizes his wisdom for the betterment of all of his endeavors. He is at the top percentile of his field.

– William Radcliffe, Iron Workers Union, AFL-CIO (IW)

As a long-time recipient of Dr. Allen’s scholarly teaching and advisement, I wholeheartedly and unequivocally believe that he possesses a unique yet comprehensive skillset that can truly help transform organizations and equip the talent within those organizations to be successful. I’m a true fan of his work and his expertise!

– Dr. La Tonya Woodson, Cornell University

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